Thursday, March 31, 2011

Family Home Evening Board

A Family Home Evening Board is something that you may find in a Mormon home. We do something on monday nights called Family Home Evening. Its much like a family game night. We use monday night to teach our kids about religion, prayer and we play together. 
I got this metal board at the wood connection, but I was even thinking you could use a cookie sheet. I cut out my vinyl letters on a cricut.

I made a card for each member of my family and I have a few extra for the members to come. They are laminated so if we have visitors we can write them into the rotation with a dry erase marker.

Each week we take turns doing the activities of Family Home Evening.

The magnets I made and a tutorial can be found here. At the wood connection they used gemstones hot glued to magnets. I also made one for my Mom and Mother-in-law, I made theirs a little different I put grandkids in vinyl letters. They use the board to showcase their grandkids! 

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