Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Quick Blanket

This week BJ has had a hard time taking naps. When I put her in her crib she thought that it would be super if she took several catnaps. That made life fun for about two seconds. So I had her lie next to me on the couch cuddled in a fleece blanket we have there. She slept for two hours. It was wonderful. The next day, the same ordeal for her morning nap. This time I was quick to think, it doesn't me more than once to learn (I wish), I took BJ to her bed with our soft fleece blanket from downstairs. She slept around the two hour mark again. So the thought came to me "maybe she likes the fleece." You may say Duh!. We'll today while BJ was taking a nap with the blanket we had I drove to the fabric store, for the sixth time this month, (a story for later) to pick up some fleece to make BJ her very own blanket.
 I found some very soft fleece and a cute color stripe damask flannel.
This was a super simple, super quick blanket. I took the flannel and laid it on the fleece and folded the fleece over twice and sewed it to the flannel. That's pretty much it. I did tack it down in the middle a few times with a few stitches.
 20 minutes before bed time we had a blanket for this little one to use.
 Here's a sneak peek of what I've been working on.