Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Easy Baby Blankets

These are some fun easy blankets!
They are so basic that if you don't know a lot about sewing (like me) this will be a good project. You could also use this to teach younger crafters!
I used: 
Two pieces of flannel. (I just got enough material to make them square)
Sewing machine.
First put your pieces for material front to front. Make sure they are the same size. Then sew around the edge stay close to the edge. Leave a section open to turn your blanket right side out. 

Once you have turned it right side out iron the blanket around the edges to that it will be easy to sew again. Sew around the edges and close the section that you left open. 

 You could be done if you wanted I sewed around one more time for looks. :)

You can find some fun flannel and make some super cute combinations!
You could also make them smaller for baby blankets for your little ones babies. Your Kid and her baby could have matching blankets!